Engineering college performance based on Pass percentage Tamilnadu

Here is the list of colleges sorted according to pass percentage in Apr/May 2015 and Nov/Dec 2015 examination. Pass percentage does not tells the best college because pratical knowlege is very important in Engineering colleges in Tamilnadu. Ranking of Engineering colleges can also be determined based on Placement, Infrastructure etc.

Anna University CGPA calculator

Our Anna university Cgpa calculator is on Internet for many years and used by many Engineering college students. Calculate your CGPA here.   Calculate cgpa by seperate sem calculation.

Only one online cgpa calculator for lateral entry students which is very helpful for Engineering student in Tamil Nadu Engineering colleges. Steps to be followed by special (Lateral) entry students. Know how to calculate CGPA.

Insertion sort algorithm simple explanation with example

Insertion sort in java. Inserttion sort algorithm is explained here, with an example on sorting an array. The main idea of insertion sort is to repeatedly find the next  smallest number and move it to the starting position, if the sorting is  to be in ascending (increasing) order. Read other sorting algorithms like insertion sort and bubble sort along with this which helps you to understand sorting algorithms in clear.


Take an array consist of four numbers {72,18,8,90}

program to sort the string in alphabetical order in java

Simple java program to sort and  print the names in alphabetical order using compareTO(). To arrange the given strings in alphabetical order, first we need to compare each consecutive string and swap them according to the order. In this example, built-in function compareTo()  is used to compare two string.
Example of compareTo:


program to find factorial of 1st 10 numbers

This type of questions are asked in technical round of the interview, to confuse the fresher and test his/her programming skill. Program to display factorial of first N numbers. Here is tutorial for finding factorial of a single integer using recursion method.


First read the number upto which the factorial should be found. Implementing for loop to iterate and display the result.

what is factorial, Factorial of a number 4 is 4*3*2*1 i.e 24. So the factorial of 4 is 24.


Handling array overflow exception in catch block c++ program

Handling array out of index bound exception using catch block, here size of array can be increased if more number want to be inserted into the array.  C++ program using try catch block with explanation. This sample code explains how to create a array and store values using for loop, handling array overflow, increasing the size, print the values in array one by one.

java: error illegal character \8221

While executing java program, some users usually get this kind of error - illegal character \8221.  This error will not occur if the program is typed, it occurs when program is copied from document or pdf into the editor or IDE.


Double quotes and single quotes are not supported when it is copied from a document, pdf and pasted in editor

So, delete the double or single quote and type again.

That will solve this kind of errors.


Program to reverse each word in a sentence

Simple java program to reverse each word in a sentence, not the whole sentence. This type question are also asked in technical round of top company's interview. Here is the solution and explanation. Explanation- 1st the sentence will be split into words, then each word is reversed, after that nextword will be processed.


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