Factorial using recursion program

Simple java program for factorial using recursion with explanation. Easy logic, can be used in C#(sharp), python, php, perl... etc.

int fact(int n)
int result;
return 1;
return result;

Understand the logic behind recursion, so you don’t feel factorial using recursion as difficult.

Input -5, Output – 120.


How to find factorial of number 5 using recursion.

Recursion – Function call itself.

Example 1:

Take n=5, we gonna find factorial for number 5.

line 8: fact(5-1)*5 => fact(4)*5

Now four is passed as an argument to the method fact i.e fact(4).

( fact(4-1)*4)*5 => fact(3)*4*5

Now three is passed as an argument to method fact.


Now two.


when 1 is passed as an argument the line6, will be executed. so the

result become 1*2*3*4*5 => 120


Therefore factorial of 5 is 120.


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