Program to reverse digits in a number

Simple java program to reverse the digits in a number. Logic for reversing the number, sum of digits and armstrong number are similar, even in c sharp, php, c++, c.  To reverse, digits are manipulated from last position. Solution and explanation, for the program is below.


class RevNumber
public static void main(String args[])
int s=0,x,n=425;
while(n > 0)
System.out.println(“ The Reversed number is :”+ s);


Result displayed by the above program:

The Reversed number is : 524


Solution with Explanation for the code:


1 st iteration

line 8: x=5

line 9: s=0*10+5 =5

line 10: n=42


2 nd iteration, now n=42


line 8: x=2

line 9: s=5*10+2 =52

line 10: n=4

3 rd iteration, now n=4

line 8: x=4

line 9: s=52*10+4=524

line 10: n=0